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Dr. Jenkins came highly recommended by many of my friends and family members. I had been wearing glasses for years, but after Cataract Surgery with Dr. Jenkins, I am now glasses free. Dr. Jenkins explained to me what is called Monovision where one eye focuses at distance and the other eye is for near work. Now, I can read the paper every morning, watch television and read the sub-titles of the Korean Dramas, watch my grandchildren play at their sporting events, read the song book at church and cook for my family all without the humbug of glasses. I LOVE it! At first I was a little nervous about the idea of Surgery, but Dr. Jenkins explained the entire procedure to me in detail and made it easy for me to understand. On the day of surgery it was a breeze, much easier than I imagined. Thank you Dr. Jenkins and staff for putting my life into focus without glasses!

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