Contoura Vision™

Contoura Vision™ with Topography-guided Custom Ablation Treatments (T-CAT)

Topography-guided Custom Ablation Treatments
Vario Planning Station for topography-guided custom ablation treatment

For nearsighted patients and for patients with combined nearsightedness and astigmatism Contoura Vision™ is a technology that provides a new level of precision and accuracy. Topography-guided laser vision uses advanced diagnostic technology – the Vario Topolyzer™ – to analyze and precisely map irregularities in the cornea as well as refractive error of the entire eye. Using this information, a highly personalized treatment plan is created. This formation is transferred to the laser and a pattern of treatment is created that is developed from the patient’s own corneal curvature, optics and vision correction prescription

FDA studies were remarkable in that this system was able to deliver even better and more consistent results for a procedure that already delivers outstanding outcomes. In the US based clinical trials of patients that received topography-guided LASIK

  • 92.6% of eyes achieved 20/20 vision or better
  • 64.8% of eyes achieved 20/16 vison or better
  • 34.4% of eye achieved 20/12.5 vision of better 13 months after surgery

The procedure also showed significant reduction in visual symptoms that have been associated with LASIK in the past like glare, light sensitivity and difficulty with night vision driving.

Good candidates for Contoura Vision™ are individuals who:

  • Have less than eight diopters of myopia
  • Have less than three diopters of astigmatism
  • Have less than nine diopters of myopia and astigmatism combined
  • 18 years or older
  • Stable prescription
  • Otherwise healthy eyes

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