Dr. Tyrie Jenkins is committed to bringing the latest technology to the islands and is among the first surgeons to utilize The Verion Image Guided System.

This system is designed to minimize chances for error by creating a seamless link of data from the clinic to the operating room.  Electronic transmission of information decreases the chance of human error that can occur when data is hand entered improving the accuracy of cataract surgery.

The Verion System Includes:


The Verion image guided system begins by capturing a high definition image of the patient’s eye.  Using this image the surgeon can create a blueprint of the best procedure for each patient. The position of a patient’s astigmatism can be precisely identified.  This represents a breakthrough in surgical accuracy.


The reference unit is equipped with formulas to determine the correct intraocular lens power.  Sophisticated algorithms based on data from many surgeons help determine the optimal incision location for which intraocular lens (IOL) to use, the best position for the intraocular lens (IOL) and where to place the corneal arc incisions to correct astigmatism.  This information is then electronically transmitted to the Verion Digital Marker for use with the LenSx laser and the operating microscope.


The data and precise plan is sent to the Verion Digital Marker mounted on the LenSx laser in the operating room. Automatic registration of the patient allows for accurate centering of the intraocular lens (IOL).

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Verion Image Guided System