Optiwave Refractive Analysis

Dr. Tyrie Jenkins is pleased to be a part of only a few surgery centers in the state of Hawai`i utilizing the latest in cataract surgery technology with the ORA System.

The ORA System is a sophisticated technology used to provide real time measurements of your eye during surgery which is not possible with today’s conventional instruments.  The ORA System works by directing a beam of low intensity laser light into the eye while the surgical procedure is in process.  The laser light reflects off of the retina and sensors in the ORA instrument analyzing the reflected wave of light exiting the eye.  Using this information, Dr. Jenkins can evaluate the optical conditions in your eye throughout your cataract procedure making real time surgical decisions that will give you the best visual outcome.

Prior to The ORA System, Dr. Jenkins was unable to assess the quality of vision during surgery, and would often have to wait weeks after surgery to determine the accuracy of the results.  The ORA system is valuable technology helping Dr. Jenkins achieve better results for improved quality of vision.

Click on this video to learn more about the ORA system:

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