Intraocular Lenses (IOL)

Intraocular Lenses

One of the most important developments in Cataract Surgery over the last 30 years is intraocular lenses. Today’s cataract patient can choose from a number of intraocular lenses (IOL) to provide great vision for their individual lifestyle.

In consultation with our surgeons, patients can select the IOL that best meets their needs. Consider your lifestyle and what activities you do the most. What are your expectations after cataract surgery and explain this to your surgeon.

It might be driving at night, reading, clearly seeing the dashboard of their car, or being able to participate in certain hobbies or activities.

Cataract patients can decide what is most important to them and can even decide to live a lens free lifestyle. Imagine living life in freedom without glasses or contacts!

Some of these lenses are considered premium lenses and require an additional out of pocket charge. Contact us if you have questions about premium lenses.

Intraocular Lenses

Mono-focal Lenses

Mono-focal lenses have been used for years. They have a fixed focal point that is generally set for distance vision while still needing glasses for near activities.  On the other hand, people that have the lens set for reading will use glasses to see things in the distance.  These single focus, or monofocal lenses are usually covered with the expense of standard cataract surgery.

Another way mono-focal lenses are used is setting one eye for distance vision and one for near vision thereby reducing the need for reading glasses, this is called “mono-vision.”  Patients considering this option may want to try this technique with contact lenses first to make sure they can adapt to mono-vision.

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TORIC Lenses

The Toric lens is a single focus lens that is designed to correct astigmatism.  As with a mono-focal lenses, individuals with the Toric IOL may still need reading glasses to see near vision objects, but can expect to see clearly due to the astigmatism correction.

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Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal Lenses are specially designed to optimally distribute light to distance, intermediate and near focal points.  This advanced technology allows for multiple ranges of vision, minimizing your need for glasses after cataract surgery.

There are multiple types of multifocal lenses used at Jenkins Eye Care. RESTOR multifocal IOL and TECNIS multifocal IOL are two types of lenses most often used by our surgeons.

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Extended Depth Of Focus Lenses – Symfony and Symfony Toric IOL.

Recently FDA approved in July 2016 is the Tecnis Symfony and Tecnis Symfony Toric IOL.   These are the first and only extended depth of focus lenses for patients having cataract surgery.  The Tecnis Symfony IOL provides continuous vision so that patients are able to see clearly at near, intermediate and distance – minimizing and sometimes eliminating the need for glasses.   Dr. Jenkins was amongst the first few surgeons in the state of Hawaii as well as across the nation to implant these extended depth of focus lenses.

Below is a video that reviews our experience with the Tecnis Symfony IOL as well as a patient testimonial.

Below is a animated slideshow on the Symfony IOL.


At Jenkins Eye Care we take your lifestyle into consideration when recommending the best IOL for you.  Contact Us to schedule an exam to determine which technology best fits your eyes and your lifestyle.