Insurance & Corporate Plans

Insurance & Corporate Plans For Laser Eye SurgeryJenkins Eye Care accepts many insurance plans and works with many of the major companies to offer special prices. They may include:

Please contact us at if we can assist with determining your benefits toward laser eye surgery or premium laser cataract surgery.

Laser eye surgery is considered a cosmetic or elective procedure, and unfortunately most insurance companies do not cover the cost. Although cataract surgery can be covered because it is medically necessary, certain procedures and premium lenses are not.

If you are ready to rid yourself of glasses or contact lenses, the good news is that many insurance and vision plans contract with premier surgeons, like Dr. Jenkins, to offer a benefit amount toward these vision surgeries.

You can check with your major insurance provider or vision plan to determine if these plans offer a discount or special benefit.

Corporate Plans

Special Corporate Plans may be available through your individual employer to offer a benefit amount or discount off laser eye surgery.

Check with your Human Resource Manager or contact us at to find our more information and whether you qualify for this or other benefits.